Are you addicted to your next diet like an Alcoholic to his next drink? Do you feel great each time you start a diet and exercise then a let down when you fail, like the high and low of a junkie with each fix?

Science has shown that stress actually causes abdominal fat. Diets cause stress. Put the two together and you make yourself fat. Yet Americans ignore the facts and think they can outwit this wisdom.Do you put your life on hold until you lose weight? After feeling disgusted, do you drag yourself off the couch to diet and exercise? Then does burnout send you back to the couch, munchies and TV? Break this failure cycle

Sixty-five percent of all Americans go on a diet each year. More than half of those last only 30 days. Twenty-six thousand diets have been published since 1920. Out of every 200 people who go on diets, 190 fail. Nine out of ten who make it to their goal weight gain their weight back within five years. Are we getting fatter because there is a diet shortage?

Why don’t diets work?

Diets don’t work for two major reasons.

Diets are a prescription for weight gain. For one thing, they cause stress. Stress stimulates appetite. It also depletes the necessary brain chemicals which keep us calm and energized. As a result, we reach for food to replenish these substances. Because carbohydrates such as pretzels, candy, and cookies supply these quickly, we tend to reach for these snacks when we’re stressed. However, their affect is short lived. Before long, our brain exhausts the supply and we are reaching for more.

The “all or nothing” syndrome brings us to our knees. We’re either on the diet, strict and rigid or totally off the diet diving into the forbidden fruit, and ice cream, and chocolate, and chips, and cookies and…When we fail at the diet, the pendulum swings to the complete opposite side and we overindulge. It’s the Yin and Yang. You can’t have one without the other.
What is the alternative to dieting?
Strategies for eating and coping with life will give you the physiological edge you need. Here are a few. For more detailed techniques go to

1) The Paradox- When you say “no” to a two year old you’re likely to get the very behavior you’re telling them not to do. When you diet, you are saying no to the part of you that wants what it wants. It feels deprived. (In essence a child part of yourself.) The need to eat becomes stronger. The answer is in the “paradox technique”. Set the stage for eating what you want. You will enjoy food more and feel satisfied with less. Learn how to eat your favorite foods without triggering the two-year old in you.

2) Food Meditation Ever pass your freeway exit when driving because you’re in a trance? In the same way, most people go “unconscious” and pass the point of satisfaction when they eat. Want to know how to be truly fulfilled? For one thing, slow down and learn to enjoy your food.

3) Body Talk-Your True Need – Do the cravings for sweets, fried food or fast food keep coming back? When ice cream calls you, turn to this technique to quiet the voice. Do you crave food when you’re not even hungry? Do you eat when you’re bored, sad, happy, depressed and then wonder why you’re not satisfied? Then you’re an emotional eater. Want to find out what will give you true gratification?

Is it comfort that you need? Perhaps a constructive escape from stress? Take the time to discover what will satisfy your true need.

All of this sounds good but will it help me lose weight? Your body knows what size it should be. When you get your ego out of the way and do what your body is showing and telling you to do, it will find it’s perfect natural size. Feel and look good. Finally find happiness and comfort in your own body at the size that’s right for you. You will never have to diet again!

How do I know what my natural body size is?

Goal-supporting behavior is the key, not a magical number on the bathroom scale. Eat and exercise moderately ninety percent of the time. Don’t worry about the other ten percent. Then get on with living and enjoying your life. You’re body will show you the rest.

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