KNOCKOUT Holiday Weight Gain

‘Tis the season. Eat! Drink! Be merry! Your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym anyway, right? In theory this plan should be foolproof, but in practice it’s often hard to begin an entirely new fitness routine especially when you’re working to lose excess weight. So you’ve decided you’re not skipping the eggnog or the figgy pudding because you’ve earned it right? (Right.) And it isn’t entirely realistic to plan to start exercising 6 days a week come January 1st. So how can you manage your weight this holiday season? Attending a World Champion Cardio Boxing class is one way. You will burn 720-1200 calories

Introducing calorie cycling. 

Calorie cycling is a method of varying the number of calories you intake over a period of time. It works best if you consider calories over a weekly period instead of counting them daily. A simple way begin calorie cycling is to establish your standard calorie days, deficit days and surplus days. Your digestive system is highly adaptive. Cycling will keep your metabolism from quickly adjusting to a hypocaloric diet.  It is a sure way to eat smarter.

It’s the week of the holiday party! Compare your usual low calorie week to a week of calorie cycling.

Low calorie (1500/day) meal planning during the week of the holiday party:

  • Monday: 1500 cal
  • Tuesday: 1500 cal
  • Wednesday: 1500 cal
  • Thursday: 2200 cal (holiday party)
  • Friday: 1500 cal

This week’s average is 1640 cal/day (Note: this average is 140 cal over the 1500 cal/day plan we started the week with.)

Calorie cycling during the week of the holiday party:

  • Monday: 1500 cal
  • Tuesday: 1200 cal
  • Wednesday: 1200 cal
  • Thursday: 2200 cal (holiday party)
  • Friday: 1200 cal

This week’s calorie average is 1460 cal/day (Note: This average is 40 cal under the usual 1500 cal/day plan)

So if you’re planning to eat, drink and be merry this holiday season, cycling your calorie intake can be a more efficient way to achieve your goals. Happy Holidays!

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