Control Blood Sugar to Extend Lifespan and Assist Natural Weight Loss

(NaturalNews) Extreme blood sugar swings and insulin resistance are not only detrimental to your health, but they are also rapidly becoming biomarkers of aging and longevity which can be monitored and charted to determine the rate of aging and risk of disease. Many people either don`t monitor their blood sugar levels or have been led to believe that readings that are known to promote disease are normal. Fasting blood glucose and post meal sugar levels tell the story of how well your metabolism is functioning. You can control blood sugar surges after eating to slow your rate of aging and to dramatically lower disease risk while extending healthy lifespan.

Outdated Blood Sugar Readings Lead to Accelerated Aging
Most adults never think about checking their fasting or post meal blood sugar readings or rely on outdated information which is now known to accelerate aging and promote disease. Old school medicine fosters fasting blood sugar reading of 126 mg/dL or lower and post meal readings no higher than 200 mg/dL.

Guidelines provided by the International Diabetes Federation provide solid evidence that fasting levels should be 80 mg/dL and should raise no more than 40 mg/dL after eating. People are placing their long term health at significant risk by accepting the obsolete standards.

What Causes Out of Control Blood Sugar?
Blood sugar levels that rise dramatically after eating or don`t fall back to optimal levels after fasting for at least 8 hours are caused by adherence to a low fat diet and a lifetime of eating processed junk food. This destroys our natural ability to regulate blood sugar.

Many people are told to follow a low fat diet to improve cardiovascular health. They substitute high glycemic carbohydrates for healthy fats causing blood sugar to surge after each meal. Even carbs from multi grain breads and pasta produce dangerous blood sugar readings and should be avoided.

Excess Blood Sugar Fosters Disease, Reduces Lifespan
The body is very sensitive to the amount of sugar present in the blood, and it vigorously works to use the action of insulin to usher excess amounts out to cells and muscles after eating. Continually high levels of glucose eventually cause the delicate system to break down meaning sugar remains in circulation. This leads to metabolic chaos and diseases ranging from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer`s disease. Blood sugar that is not controlled results in increased disease risk and plays a crucial role in determining how long you will live.

Calorie Restriction Lowers Blood Sugar, Assists Weight Loss
Calorie restriction has been shown to extend lifespan largely by controlling blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Restricting calories 10 to 25% below current levels makes your metabolism more efficient and directly influences genes that promote longevity. It`s important to eliminate all sugar, processed foods and artificial additives in favor of an all natural diet. Providing complete nutrition avoids excessive blood sugar spikes, and natural weight loss will be a pleasant benefit.

Cutting edge research provides evidence that post meal blood sugar should never exceed 140 mg/dL to prevent potential damage to the heart and vascular system as well as most internal organs. Monitor your blood sugar at 1 and 2 hour intervals after eating and cut carbohydrates as necessary to prevent excessive readings. Your reward will be lower risk of disease, increased lifespan and control of your destiny.

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