After discovery and realization, Lisa had the motivation and drive to make a change.

Hey champions! If you’re looking for some inspiration while on your own personal workout journey, we have a story for you. The following is a personal testimony from one of our students we’d like to share to prove to you that change can happen if you work hard.

Three years ago, Lisa Fullerton came to us with the story of her own discovery of her need for weight loss and a healthy life. After viewing an old picture of herself at a friend’s bridal shower, Lisa noticed the drastic change in her weight then as compared to her weight now. It was to the point that she didn’t recognize herself – and this is a common factor in many of our student’s journeys.

After her discovery and realization, Lisa had the motivation and drive to make a change. She started to make and cook her own food and work on portion control, as well as working out several days at her local YMCA. Within a year, she’d lost 30 pounds and was clearly on the right track to success. However, despite implementing cardio and weight machines into her workout, Lisa discovered that the routine was stale – being healthy was becoming boring.

This is something we know a lot about at World Champion Cardio Boxing. When your workout routine and lifestyle doesn’t engage you, you’re more likely to drop it and fall back into old habits.

Instead of backsliding, Lisa found World Champion Cardio Boxing on Groupon. “[I] thought that hitting things could be fun,” she commented, but she had no idea we’re more than just boxing gloves and a punching bag. She found our workouts challenging, almost to the point of giving up. Her goal in the program was to survive during those first few months. Instead of surviving, she thrived.

As Lisa progressed through the program, her stamina increased. Her technique improved. Through our guidance, she discovered the right ways to exercise, how to control and utilize the right muscles and the best ways to breathe while training and working out. Lisa began to move her workouts from one to two days a week up to three days a week and blossomed under pressure with our encouragement.

The difference was astronomical. As of this writing, Lisa’s been taking WCCB classes for two years and has lost over 40 more pounds. Why isn’t the weight loss more significant? She’s gained muscle and has toned and defined her body, as well as gained power and speed. Through squats and stretches, her glutes and thighs are tight and toned.

One thing Lisa notes that kept and still keeps her going is the supportive atmosphere. Her 7:30 class crew is a bunch that pushes each other and gives each other the support they need to work out and keep going on their health and fitness journey.

Lisa knows that she’s on her fitness journey and it’s something that she’s going to keep working on, and because of her drive and motivation she’s still coming back for more at WCCB. Not only is she obsessed with our classes, she’s also found that through what she’s learned and experienced at WCCB, she’s found it in her to explore other fields of activity and exercise.

“This is a journey with no end destination. I’ve got a lot more than just 12 rounds in me…”

This isn’t a fluke story. This could be you; you could have a success story just like Lisa’s. When you push yourself and discover that exercise is more than just a routine you have to commit to, and that health and wellness can be fun and challenging, you succeed and continue on your path to fitness. Take the journey and find success like she did. We’re here to guide you there.