Meet Terry & Tanya

We provide a cross training alternative, it provides a break in routine and adds
variety to your overall training program. It distributes the load of training
across various body parts.



World Champion Cardio Boxing
10500 Magnolia Blvd
Noho Arts District, CA 91601

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“This is the best workout I have ever done. Better than anything I have done as far as working out. Fast results, I already see my six-pack coming in!”
-Cesar Millan

“I could not believe how great this workout was! Each routine targets all my problem areas and I am seeing results in just over two weeks. I recommend the World Champion Workout to everyone.”
-James Franklin

“I’ve tried other workouts before and this one is the best. The World Champion Workout has great mixture of routines that focus on the core areas of your body and the whole workout is under sixty minutes! If you’re looking for a true workout then this one is for you.”
-Stacy Phay