17 Big Reasons the Weight is Staying On

Have you tried losing weight but find the task is almost impossible? You think you’re doing whatever you can but the scale numbers just aren’t dropping? No matter if you’re trying to lose five pounds or 50, you might be participating in some big behaviors that are keeping the weight on instead of making it all come off.

  1. You aren’t actually eating healthy. If you aren’t losing weight, examine your diet. If you’re still grabbing packaged products off the shelves, even if they sound better for you, the best way to eat and lose weight at the same time is to buy raw materials and make your own meals.
  1. The stress is killing your chances. You may not understand that you’re stressed as the stress response system is largely subconscious; this stimuli-driven process causes the production of cortisol – a hormone associated with fight-or-flight and the storage of fat.
  1. You’re not eating enough carbs. Many diets tell you to drop carbs, but we say the opposite is the real answer. Avoid processed foods, skip fruit and carb load while working out to help build muscle and burn fat.
  1. You’re producing muscle. This isn’t a bad thing. Building muscle spurs fat loss, but it doesn’t necessarily show you good scale results. Your bones grow strong and your muscles grow bigger, which adds and maintains weight to your body while relieving fat cells.
  1. You aren’t being active enough. The goal is to move frequently at about three to five hours every week. If you aren’t doing this, get started now.
  1. You focus too much on cardio. Staying at above 75% of your maximum heart rate for extended periods doesn’t burn fat, it burns sugar. This makes you crave sugar which leads to cheating and retaining what sugar is still there.
  1. You haven’t tried intermittent fasting. While scary-sounding and definitely not something to recommend for repeated use, intermittent fasting can be how you start transitioning into Primal eating plans. Start skipping breakfast and eat your lunch late. Wean yourself off of lunch and only pay attention to when you get hungry. Fasted states help contribute to your metabolic advantage and can help alter your eating habits positively.
  1. You’re eating too much. Even if the food is healthy, you don’t need to eat a lot of it. Calories still need to be counted and pay attention to how much you are eating when you do eat.
  1. You haven’t developed good habits yet. Losing weight is about a lifestyle change, and it’s not something you should just pick up and put down when you need to access it. Develop good habits that contribute to weight maintenance and stick to them.
  1. You’re still keeping junk food. You may think it’s okay to keep a bag of chips in your pantry for a cheat day, but the goal is to eliminate any cheat days entirely. Toss it and never look back.
  1. You’re at your ideal weight. Sometimes the reason that you aren’t losing more weight is because your body is telling you that you’ve achieved homeostasis. Your genetic, set point for weight loss and gain has been met and you’re likely to stay there without major life adjustments and tinkering.
  1. You just don’t have the will. Losing weight requires a high resolve. If you don’t have the willpower and determination to lose weight, it’s likely you won’t keep it off.
  1. You’re an excuse machine. “I just don’t have time.” “It’s okay if I cheat today.” “I’m too tired to work out today.” No more excuses – just results.
  1. You haven’t truly committed to the experience. Going Primal takes commitment. Those who have already committed to the lifestyle know it takes a lot of effort and will to stay focused. If you aren’t sure yet, try it for 30 days and see how it feels to you.
  1. Your sleep schedule is off. Sleep deprivation on a chronic level produces cortisol, a fat-storing hormone. If you aren’t sleeping enough, you’re setting yourself up for weight loss failure.
  1. You’re being impatient. Weight loss takes time and effort. We can give you a lot of tips and tricks to speed up and ease the process, but it’s still something that you need to run through a few times in order to see real results. When you’re in it for the long run, you’ll see results.
  1. Too much dairy. Sometimes your body just isn’t built for dairy. Due to their body makeup, many people are just not fit for dairy foods and the products just make you retain weight. If you’re not losing weight after a concerted effort, try cutting dairy out of your diet and see where it gets you.