1 Simple Diet Hack to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

Tis’ the Season…But for What?
It is that time of year again. Going shopping, holiday parties, family gatherings, loads of festive foods…and unfortunately for many also a time of unwanted holiday weight gain.
Most people just shrug it off to the “holidays” and assume that it will be OK once they make their New Years Resolution to lose it. How many really do though? What is the cost of adding up a few pounds here and there year after year?

The good news is that you can still enjoy the holidays and even lose weight. Believe it or not it is possible to lose lbs and still have a social life in the process. No need to hide in the corner and eat celery sticks.

So here is the simplest (and effective) way for you to get through the holiday parties and gatherings without any additional weight gain.

Strategy of Eating Less
Shhhhh….here’s the top secret strategy on how you can help offset a higher calorie day. Ready? You can help offset a high calorie day with lower ones around it. Shocked? Well you shouldn’t be.

Too many people nowadays are so worried about calorie loads meal to meal and every day, when in fact the body works differently. The body is smart, and works over a longer period of time (it had to in order to survive tougher times long ago). Cycling lower calorie days around higher ones is a simple way to balance out the long term equation.
How does it work? If you know that you are going to be at a party or function and chances are high that you will eat more than normal, then you want to take it easy on the day before and after. It is really that simple! Let me break it down below.

Normal Eating
Here’s a simple example. Assume you normally eat about 1500 calories a day and maintain your weight (not gain, or lose). If your goal is to just maintain weight during the holidays you want to try and average around 1500 over the long term.
So if you take a normal schedule (including holiday party):

Day 1: Regular Schedule – eat 1500 calories
Day 2: Work and Holiday Party – eat/drink 2200 calories
Day 3: Regular Schedule – eat 1500 calories

The above would mean a daily average over 3 days of about 1703 calories (over your normal daily levels). What will that equal over time? More weight that is gained.
Enter the “Eat Less Calories” Hack

Now, using a low calorie cycling trick you can counteract the higher day with some lower ones around it.

Day 1: Regular Schedule – eat 1200 calories
Day 2: Work and Holiday Party – eat/drink 2200 calories
Day 3: Regular Schedule – eat 1200 calories

Now look, you average 1533 calories a day now (about your normal level). Note these are just rough numbers and not meant to be exact, but you get the idea. You should be able to maintain your weight, assuming you are not going really overboard too often.

Enjoy the Holidays, Look Good Too
So if you know a party is coming up, eat a little less the day before (focus more on low calorie foods like leaner proteins, fruits and vegetables) and the day after so you do not have a calorie surplus over the long run! Eat less meals to get there, such as 2 meals. This is the simple strategy that you can also apply to your year-round lifestyle. Using intermittent days to eat less and still enjoy foods you like while losing weight.
So go out and enjoy your holiday season. There is no reason you should not be able to, especially once you know how to effectively use this simple diet (lifestyle) hack above.

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