Today Terry Norris is living with Pugilistic Dementia and Parkinsonism brought on by his extraordinary boxing career. World champion cardio boxing and the final fight foundation were created and founded by his wife Tanya Norris to help spread awareness on these issues and as a form of therapy for Terry.



Terry is a true Champion and it is easy
to see why he is dubbed a boxing legend.
Pound for pound one of the best. He continues his fight
with friends and family right by his side every
step of the way!

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Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned


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Meet Terry & Tanya

We provide a cross training alternative, it provides a break in routine and adds
variety to your overall training program. It distributes the load of training
across various body parts.



Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for the under-served athletes
in health and retirement assistance, during and after their careers.

Best workout ever! I have completed my 20 sessions I purchased from living social and I bought another 20 sessions directly through them because it's that good.

Lauren N. - Sherman Oaks, CA

Great workout-- terry is the man and pushes you in the best way possible. he's intense and makes sure everyone works to their potential. tanya is great and makes sure everything runs smoothly and extremely helpful. even after a few sessions, this place still kicks my a$s, and i wouldn't want it any other way.

Christopher R. - Stevenson Ranch, CA